DemoOn the DEMO Fall 2012 stage this afternoon, eight commerce apps showed off their latest and greatest at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, CA.

Invenia announced the launch of ENSAFER, an innovative cloud encryption service. Ensafer offers users of Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive and alike, to encrypt their data integrated in their service of choice, with all complexity hidden. Ensafer is end-to-end encryption technology, solving an unsolved demand — the encryption of files as you store, share and collaborate with them in the cloud. They peg themselves as “security by design.”

Billing itself as the Expedia for telecom deals, WIRESURFER online marketplace provides small and medium businesses with an easy way to research telecom providers and their promotions as well as order services from national carriers for free.

They provide a map so you can click on any part of the country to find the best deals nationwide and the layout is slick and clean, so you can compare deals side-by-side. Using wiresurfer, SMBs can compare the offerings from national carriers including AT&T, CenturyLink, Comcast Business Services, EarthLink, InterCall, tw telecom, Windstream and XO Communications.  

eBREVIA unveiled something they’re calling the eDiligence Accelerator. The company’s initial software employs natural language processing technology developed at Columbia University to assist attorneys and business professionals in analyzing, extracting information from, and summarizing legal documents.

Then we moved to fashion. Well, sort of. THREADMATCHER is a social commerce website that allows users to curate the clothes that they both own and wish into virtual closets, and get relevant recommendations by following the curation of others who share as similar style.

The team says, “ThreadMatcher provides the ultimate personalized shopping experience. To users, it’s a style expansion. By following the curation of others who share a similar style, users can find out what’s new at their favorite brands as well as discover other products and brands that they wouldn’t have otherwise known — all this directly from people whose style they trust.”

Like I said, it doesn’t mean the site is design and fashion conscious, but it does curate people with like-fashion interests. It seems like a perfect app for Silicon Valley geeks who don’t have a clue how to dress.

Other apps shown in the Commerce section included Plus2 Technologies, Plutus Software, Trinity Group and Gaxsys.


Below, entrepreneurs and investors talk about the apps they just saw: Tony Conrad, Founder/Partner, Ventures, Jason Johnson, Managing Partner, Founders Den Harshul Sanghi, Managing Partner, American Express Ventures and Seth Sternberg, PM Director G+ Platform, Google. The panel was moderated by VentureBeat writer Meghan Kelly.



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