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What’s the MagicSauce?

Sometimes it’s the product that grabs us, sometimes it’s a leader’s vision and sometimes it’s a combination of both, as is the case with Apple. Most entrepreneurs know what sets them on fire, but that passion may not be congruent with the company direction or its employees and customers needs.

We help craft a voice for your vision and then work with you to ensure that not only are you and your team aligned with that vision, but your brand is as well. Getting your offerings aligned with your corporate vision and target audience is where we start. Before we can create smart ‘purple cow’ messaging that puts you on the map, congruency is key.  

Because we think having an intelligent and creative strategy and plan is so important, we work really hard to develop the right one. We’ll not only encourage you to think outside the box, but we’ll push, encourage and prod you to execute on those ideas. And, we have a ton of tools in our toolbox.

Viral Means Global: Time to Stop Thinking Small

With over 20 years of experience working with companies from around the world, we’re primed to help you succeed in an ever-growing global economy. Social media tools and networks make it possible for anyone with a creative idea to operate from home and generate massive amounts of revenue and fans from around the world.

Transparency & Authenticity

It’s a new world, one where privacy no longer exists. The marketing and communications strategies that worked in the last few decades no longer do. Everything is open, the number of influencers who can add to or detract from your growth has increased fifty fold and there’s so far too much information for customers to sift through and process. Reaching out and building relationships is the glue that moves you well beyond go.

It’s time to rethink the broken marketing and PR consultancy services model. The number of influencers you need to reach today are significantly higher than they were five years ago and audiences are becoming more and more fragmented.

We tap into social communities, customers, partners, and media and blog influencers, all with an authentic voice that engages not controls. By working closely with you to determine what your true voice is – the magic sauce that sets you out from the crowd– we help you build relationships that last, not pitches that produce one-hit wonders.

We take a long term view. By partnering with our clients, we’re vested in their success over time, well beyond a round of funding, a new product launch or rebranding campaign. We learn everything we can about your business, and create programs that build long-term relationships, fuel sales, raise awareness and attract new partners, investors and customers. 

The Talent

Magic Sauce MediaTM founder Renee Blodgett has successfully launched companies and their products and services from ten countries across four continents. 

The Dynamic Team consists of seasoned consultants, brand strategists, innovators, savvy marketers, PR pros, storytellers and content creators.

Together, we’ll ignite a match under your business and watch that sizzle turn to sustainable success and passionate customers who are as pumped up about your business as you are.



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