[column width=”3%” padding=”0%”] [/column] [column width=”67%” padding=”7%”] We like to work with the smartest and most creative minds, not just in our own industry but in other segments. We believe that tapping into other mindsets and cultures only strengthens and enhances the chance of us making our clients succeed.

Because diversity, creativity and out-of-the box attitudes are what fire us up, we collaborate with organizations, individuals and companies around the world who perform their own magic in a number of unique areas.

The areas of expertise we can offer through partners and consultants include: web design, marketing collateral, white papers, blog platform development, social network and iPhone apps, video creation, SEO, market research and web analytics.

We also love leading edge online tools that make us smarter and more efficient since we’re in love with content creation.

Magic Sauce Media founder Renee Blodgett is the editor of We Blog the World, a global travel blog network and online travel magazine that covers international events, cultural festivals and captivates people with social, cultural, political and economic stories globally. She is also the co-founder of Traveling Geeks, whose mission is to collaborate and share ideas with organizations and individuals from around the world, then report on technology trends and media convergence which help to further economic development and innovation through blogging and social media tools.

Follow their journey and coverage of interesting companies, organizations, products, ideas and people worldwide.

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