Down the Avenue

Down the Avenue brings passion to and delivers news and insights on technology, innovation, business, public relations, new media, Web 2.0, politics, travel and things that add substance to our lives.

The blog touches on many of the issues that organizations and individuals face and need to adapt to in a new media world: productivity, communications, content overload, collaboration, social media, branding and marketing in an always on transparent paradigm.

Philosophical insights and personal experience are blended into its daily posts. Down the Avenue also captures content from the top technology, cultural and social industry conferences and events and incorporates travel experiences from around the globe. Down the Avenue won a blog contest, up against some of the top global PR agencies and brands in the industry, many with major Fortune 500 clients.

We Blog the World

We Blog the World is a travel blog and online travel magazine dedicated to global storytelling from multi-faceted views. These stories range from general travel experiences, background on a country’s infrastructure, the economy, technological advancement and the effect they have on one part of the world to social changes, the political landscape, cultural nuances, art, music and more.

It covers the latest social and cultural trends, technology, sustainability, culture, education and other initiatives that are making an impact internally and externally. The blog acts as a hub for untold and told stories about and from people around the world.

blogtravelinggeeksTraveling Geeks

Traveling Geeks is a consortium of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, bloggers and innovators who travel to countries to share and learn from peers, governments, corporations, and the general public in order to educate, share, evaluate, and promote new, innovative technologies.

The mission of the technology blog network is to collaborate with other innovators and influencers, and then share that knowledge and insight to a collective global audience through blogging, video, social media tools, traditional media and meet-ups.

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