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Education, Marketing, Positioning, Thought Leadership & Branding

We launched NewsGator into the marketplace from one founder and an idea to a recognizable brand in its category. In the early days, NewsGator focused on the consumer market and was the most well known RSS aggregator in the industry, far before anyone outside geek circles knew what RSS was or what its impact would be in the years to come.

After creating brand recognition and building up momentum with early adopters and consumers, we designed a new campaign to re-define their brand as we expanded into the enterprise market, a core target for them today. We developed both B2C and B2B communications campaigns, which included a thought leadership effort to promote the founder in strategic Web 2.0, RSS and social media circle nationwide.

We focused our attention on speaking engagements, media interviews, and engaging the community which included developers, the “geek” and open source community as well as the publishing industry, content providers, advertisers, bloggers, trade and business press.

Following a venture capital financing and a CEO change, we shifted strategies again and implemented an education campaign that moved beyond the value of RSS to consumers and into “why RSS is a great idea for corporations and media players.”

We worked closely with early adopters and Web 2.0 influencers in the blogosphere to communicate these messages virally as well as through internal and external blogs.

We also lined up an interview with the founder on CNN together with a Fortune 500 CEO and also generated buzz internationally, including Time Magazine Europe Edition. NewsGator today is a recognizable, respected and established leader in its category.

Media Buzz is a Sample, not an Exhaustive List


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