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Joint Launch with Microsoft: the Travel Industry Meets Social Media & Online Communities

We jumped on board prior to PlanetEye’s launch of a Microsoft-backed online travel planning service. Free to consumers, PlanetEye’s objective is to make it easy to find the best places around the world to stay, eat and experience – all based on travel preferences and interests.

Our goal was to drive traffic to the site, build up credibility so industry players would sign on (content providers and distribution channel partners), and create brand recognition so that travelers, photographers and writers would start to use the service and contribute to the site.

It was a push/pull campaign that included B2B efforts to drive partnerships and gain credibility in conjunction with a mass consumer media effort to generate awareness about a new way to experience travel. We lined up over forty in-person and phone briefings with key influencers who covered travel, lifestyle, food and wine, niche restaurants, weddings and events, spas and cruises, hospitality, as well as general consumer and media targets.

The market range was broad and international, including consumer outlets such as Martha Stewart, Modern Bride, Good Housekeeping and iVillage to major business press on and offline, broadcast TV and photography and travel rags and blogs to the early adopter Web 2.0 bloggers and influencers. A social media campaign was an integrated part of our strategy as was leveraging relationships with Canadian and Seattle influencers and ‘geek’ press to drive reviews of the site after PlanetEye went live.

Media Buzz is a Sample, not an Exhaustive List


[/column] [column width=”24%” padding=”0″] “Blodgett and her team got us in front of all the right influencers nationwide across all mediums in an organized efficient manner allowing us to be significantly recognized and honored in our industry. I wouldn’t even consider taking my business elsewhere.”
-Butch Langlois, former President & CEO, Planeteye Inc.


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