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VoiP B2B solution launch, targeting SMB market, including specific verticals. Branding and PR campaign included viral communications activities on and offline as well as a heavy national media blitz before, during and after the rollout.

Teleo, a VoIP solution (acquired by Microsoft) was the primary contender to compete head-on with the then industry leader, Skype. Their feature set and unique portability made them a perfect choice for mobile business professionals.

Together with Revell-Pechar, Inc., we launched Teleo into the marketplace through a series of viral marketing and communications activities over a several month period.

We mapped all of our efforts to an integrated roll-out strategy that combined unique message development with a brand awareness and thought leadership campaign through speaking panels and blogs, and massive influencer outreach.

Out-of-the-gate, Teleo ended up in a full page spread in Newsweek, the result of a 60+ day effort leading up to the event, which included ‘dog-and-pony’ meetings at CES the previous month.

On-the-ground in Vegas, we created a “Limo Demo,” where we held meetings and social events, which included the opportunity to evangelize and educate the market about Teleo to the mobile market.

Stage one was to create the right environment in which to build ‘the brand,’ and set a precedent for what was to come in the months ahead, leading up to and post launch.

Our first challenge was to have at least one thousand people download the free trial product the first week it was announced.

The Result: media coverage was extensive starting with the splash in Newsweek, with hundreds of articles following in the mainstream and business press, broadcast TV, trade rags and the blogosphere. Scoble referenced the solution as “the Skype Killer,” and downloads went through the roof.

As a result of widespread visibility from our relentless team, we reached 10,000 downloads in the first two days.

In addition to generating speaking engagements following launch and pitching reviews across the board of still a beta-product, Ann and team managed a marketing partnership with Avis rental cars to distribute copies of the software along with VoIP headsets to all Elite-level customers.

We developed and executed several events, including press receptions, that kept the Teleo name alive and in front of several unique audiences. Teleo was soon thereafter acquired by Microsoft.

Media Buzz is a Sample, not an Exhaustive List


“Blodgett is one of the most well-connected people I’ve ever met. She is tapped into the blogging and social media community and was instrumental in Teleo’s success – I plan to use them in my next company.”
– Peter Sisson, CEO and Founder, Toktumi, former CEO, Teleo (acquired by Microsoft)

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