Qualcomm qprize (3) Matt Marshall talked to Qualcomm on the DEMO Spring stage this morning in a one-on-one chat. He talked about the QPrize competition they’ve been working to uncover innovative technologies in different regions of the world, including India, China, Europe and the U.S. Qualcomm awards $500,000 in seed financing across the finalists, the winner in each region gets $100K and the winner overall receives an additional $150K.

The QPrize has been so successful that Qualcomm has decided to expand the regions and they’ve now added Israel and korea and expanded the funding to $750K. The technologies range from clean technology to healthcare and mobile technologies. 

After listening to the six finalists from various pockets of the world (North America, Europe, China, India and elsewhere), listen to video below, enterproid was announced as the winner. An app that enables professionals to consolidate work and personal life onto a single device without compromises, tey’ll present on the DEMO stage tomorrow.

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