Fotobabel-logo - NEW Below is Fotobabble’s CEO Kamal Shah on the Swagapalooza stage demoing the various use cases of talking photos, which can be created within seconds directly from your web browser or from your iPhone — and then quickly email to a friend, or upload to your Facebook or Twitter stream. In addition to using it for consumer use, Fotobabble can be used as a new social media marketing tool for brands.

Some of the tweeters I hung out with on-site included @baconhotsauce, @fogday, @lickmyspoon, @triplepundit, @maryvincent, @organicjar, @mfauscette, @Jeters, @cookingwithamy, @tomforemski, @scobelizer, @kshah, @fotobabble and the Swedes from Bambuser, who tout a streaming video product.

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