IMG_5671Steve Wozniak, known by most as “Woz,” turned 62 years old this week.

While the world at large knows his name as co-founder of Apple, today he sits as Chief Scientist at a company called Fusion-io, whose chief focus is to deliver data faster.

Their pitch of their ioMemory platform is that it accelerates databases, virtualization, cloud computing, big data, and the applications that drive our economy and our daily lives.

The team decided to throw Woz a surprise birthday party this week at Yuerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco.

The marketing folks were seen texting with his wife Janet to get ensure they had the timing right and that everyone was behind a closed door with not one party hat in sight prior to him entering the main building.

As invited guests showed up early to ensure Woz wouldn’t find out, they were given noise makers, pink boas, party hats and bags of glitter to throw at him when he walked through the door.

Even after a shower, I’m still finding those damn glitter flecks on my body and my living room floor nearly 24 hours later.

Renee-blodgett steve-wozniak

Invitees included old friends, industry illuminaries, geeks, former Apple folks he worked with and a handful of press.


I ran into some people I hadn’t seen in years and met new ones I didn’t know existed in the “biz.”

One of the first people I ran into was Fusion-io’s CEO David Flynn (left) who gave kudos to Woz on stage for his dedication to the company and of course to wish him a Happy Big 62. 

Old time industry pals showed up like Tim Bajarin, DEMO’s Neal Silverman, Harry McCracken, Therese Poletti, and Janet Rae Dupree and other media who have been covering this industry for years such as Don Clark, Dean Takahashi, Chris Taylor, Mike Isaac, Ina Fried and a host of others.

People seemed to keep the pink boas on for most of the night — men and women — and people queued up to have a photo taken with Woz and his wife Janet, pink feathers and all.

The guys decided it might be fun to give Woz “the what and who” he always wanted (?) to pop out of a cake: a geek with zero social skills and less than zero protocol.


It wasn’t until he started stripping in front of Woz and the crowd that we began to uhh, wonder, what next?


Woz seemed to go with the flow, which is one of the things we all love about him so much. Sure, he’s brilliant and has a lot of charisma, but its his warm engaging smile and authentic way of being with pretty much anyone who approaches him that people fall in love with. In other words, he’s about as real as it gets and this “real” comes through when you’re around him almost immediately, whether its your first encounter with him or your twentieth.

Below is a shot of Woz with his brother Mark


Below are the two Fusion-io founders. Can you tell which one is the token geek and which one isn’t? 


Well renowned and charming TV personality Drew Carey showed up and while he was there because he knew Woz personally, he dealt with the fan love extremely well by posing with people all night long, including yours truly. I couldn’t resist. He looks damn good, does he not? (remember, the man was born in the 1950s).

Drew carey-renee blodgett (2)

Large Woz posters filled the lobby.


And, after the burgers, stirfry chicken with noodles, potstickers and wine, they served Happy 62nd Birthday Woz cupcakes with the works so to speak.


Even though there was a DJ and drums, and the music brought back a boat load of memories from the 1970s, no one danced because frankly people at technology events never dance regardless of how much they drink. (Note: I did dance with Bill Gates once and was even interviewed by a Washington Post reporter about whether I “thought he could dance” after the fact, but I’m not sure that really counts. I think it was in Vegas although it could have been NYC – it was a LONG time ago).


Instead, we did what geeks do – talk about technology projects and analyze photos AND the cake, both of which were oozing with Steve Wozniak DNA. No, I’m not kidding. Below, Woz lifts up a “birthday present” photo for the crowd so we could all get a visual of his “framed DNA.”


They replicated his DNA on a cake, not to be mistaken with the three-tiered one that the ‘scary geek’ popped out of earlier in the night.


A large vibrant digital screen displayed icons of people wishing Woz a Happy Birthday in whatever way they cared to express it.


Everyone who attended received ‘goodie bags’ which included a Woz Birthday t-shirt and a game though somehow more of those glittered sprinkles landed in my bad and I imagine I’ll find them under my rugs and behind my curtains for months to come, just like the Christmas tree pine needles do after I take the thing down every January.


Happy Birthday Woz. It was a pleasure to be there to help you celebrate, together with pink feathers, glitter, cupcakes and dozens inspiring geeks. Thanks for all the things you do!

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