Horatius, in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill, is an art gallery, bistro, event space, wine bar and culinary specialty shop. It is also one of the few places in San Francisco open for the 4:30 a.m. matches from South Africa, and offers the biggest screen in the city on which to watch them.

Horacio Gomes, founder and CEO, has like others given us a gift by
sharing his passion for soccer, especially the Portugese variety. This
morning Portugal played its first match of the 2010 World Cup, against
the Ivory Coast. The match started at 7 am but by halftime most of the
seats were taken by a crowd that included at least a few fans of Cote
d’Ivoire’s Elephants.


The space is more like a gallery than a bar or cafe, lit by candles on either side of the large screen. Folding chairs take up most of the floor and there are couches along the sides if you get there early enough. Farther back are tables where you can set up a laptop and  eat breakfast.

Though the match was scoreless it was entertaining, with much artistry, and the crowd appreciated the drama and flow. Here is a short tour of the space, followed by an interview with Horacio (his last name is pronounced GOMSH, not Gomez, as it was mangled in the video). He’ll be here every day, for every match. Come share a few.

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