Cloudflare CloudFlare made a big bang at Techcrunch Disrupt this past week. I had an opportunity to chat with the team on-site. Says their founder, "you can lose up to 2% of visitors of their site if they have to wait to get to your site. A second concern is that you have to ensure your site is secure – in other words, you need tools to keep anything that can harm your own site or visitors of your site at bay."

He adds, “we brought a solution and tools to consumers and small businesses that were previously reserved only for giants with large budgets. We’ve made it so easy to deploy, that you can get it set up in 5 minutes, i.e., a change to your name server settings and you can get all the benefits of CloudFare."

Their average performance boost is 30% and it keeps spam and bots away. They say that they can also help a site run faster by 26%. CloudFlare has had over 6 million unique visitors in the first four months of their private beta.

Since launching at Techcrunch Disrupt, they’re seeing 2.1 new websites sign up a minute, which means at current sign up rates, that they expect, 13,700,000 in October, 5 times traffic increase in just a day. He adds, “we have shown that we can cover our costs and this is something that speaks to a large audience.” Below is community evangelist Damon Billian on more benefits and how CloudFlare works.



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