At the Geo-Loco Conference this week in San Francisco, John Battelle interviewed VC Fred Wilson on stage, including the ‘word game’ – see results below:

JB: Research in motion – FW: Not good

JB: Facebook – FW: Juggernaut

JB: Gowalla – FW: It’s tough being the second fiddle

JB: Hewlett Packard – FW: Great company

JB: HP Palm – FW: Great acquisition

JB: Microsoft – FW: Dinosaur

JB: Apple – FW: Evil

JB: Boxee – FW: Promise

JB: Google – FW: Challenged (John asks: does Google have the DNA as a company or should they let someone else light it up for them? And on what they should do? Fred says they should buy Facebook.

Below are three videos of the interview in nearly all its entirety.

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