Guy Kawasaki was once again in true form last night during a very amusing keynote at the San Francisco Swagapalooza consumer brands event at the DNA Lounge in SOMA. He gave a number of useful pointers to the young entrepreneurs in the room who were touting their latest products as well as advice on how to get through the ugly with the fun, in other words, how to deal with bozos and goes on to describe the various bozos you’re likely to come across. The question is did Guy coin the term bozocity?, which he describes is “like the flu.”

He says of partnerships, it is when you are describing a relationship where neither party makes money.

Click on play for a laugh. (I decided to tag this Education in YouTube; if only you could check more than one category, I’d include Leadership or Entrepreneurship and Comedy. Tom Foremski over at Silicon Valley Watcher wrote a much more comprehensive blog post about the experience and mood of the evening.

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