Launch LAUNCH 11 kicked off two competitions for technology start-ups this week in San Francisco. The event is for early stage companies who have never had any press, public demos and whose services are currently in closed alpha or beta.

Judges included Matt Coffin | Dave Goldberg | Drew Houston | Mike Jones | Dan’l Lewin | Josh Williams | Dave McClure | Kevin Pollak | Niel Robertson | David Sacks | Yossi Vardi | Aarron Walter | George Zachary | Ryan Block | Don Dodge | Bill Lee | Jay Levy | Shervin Pishevar | Bill Warner | Mo Koyfman | Aaron Patzer | Kevin Rose | Kara Swisher | Greg Tseng | Aaron Batalion | Ted Maidenberg | Dave Morin | Chris Sacca | Jeff Thomas | David Young | Andrea Zurek | Brian Alvey | Jose Caballer | Marshall Kirkpatrick | Om Malik | Mark Pesce | Naval Ravikant |Adeo Ressi | and Robert Scoble.

Below is a video clip of the grand finale of LAUNCH producer Jason Calacanis and a handful of judges announcing the winners in a variety of different categories, such as best UI, technology, overall, etc. Here’s the #L11 Twitter thread. Kudos to @Jason and his team.

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