Linchpins Everywhere, Linchpins Everywhere — dive for cover!! Seth Godin’s latest book: Linchpin which I am 75% the way through, is one of his best. It is written in Seth’s usual free flowing style with conviction and passion throughout but manages to call you to action on every page. I plan to post a book review once I turn the very last page.

As always, he’s straight forward. There are chapter subheads like: Where do you hide your brilliance? When did the resistance take over your life? Where do you put the fear? And, who are you trying to please?

He’s also funny: Would Shakespeare blog? From Superhero to Mediocreman (and Back Again), The Problem with Bowling, Throwing Yourself Under the Bus, and Why the Lizard Brain Wants You to be Stuck?

Tony Robbins uses a figure eight metaphor to refer to our “stuck-ness”. There we are climbing the ladder towards brilliance, creativity and joy and just before we get there, we sabotage yourself because emotionally, it is as much as your ‘lizard brain’ can handle). In order to feel safe, sabotage sets in and down you go back to the bottom of that figure 8 circle until you’re so bored, frustrated, sad and pissed off that you fight your way back up again until lizard brain takes over and the cycle repeats itself.

This week, I decided to go to an unofficial Linchpin meet-up because frankly I love Godin’s work, his writing, his thinking and this damn book. It turns out and little did I know, that 819 of these events are scheduled across the world and many have already happened.


Below is a video I shot at the end, where individuals came to the front of San Francisco’s Georges’ bar and pitched their “linchpin” project in 60 seconds to attendees. By “linchpin” project, I am referring to their passion, the thing that brings out their talent and brilliance, the thing that calls their authentic voice, and the thing that makes their hearts sing. The group was a combination of entrepreneurs, bloggers and non-profit evangelists. Have a listen:

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