Tasca shot I was in Detroit last week and bumped into Bob Tasca Jr. at the Dearborn Inn pub one evening. Like everyone else in the pub at the time, I was there to visit Ford’s headquarters for a Media Day. Bob is the son of Ford racing legend Bob Tasca Sr. who passed away this past January. He is credited with bringing us the Cobra Jet 428 engine. In the 1960s, he became frustrated at watching potential buyers leave his Rhode Island dealership because they thought the Mustang “just wasn’t fast enough.” So, he made the car faster by creating their own engine: Cobra Jet 428. Tasca is also credited with helping create the Ford Thunderbolt drag racing car. More about them at Tasca.com and TascaRacing.com.

Below are a few videos I shot — me directly asking Tasca questions and also observing conversation at the Dearborn Inn pub where other Ford dealers who came in and other car industry folks recognized Tasca. Every industry has their legends. Learn more about this one and Bob’s passion for Ford cars – he seemed committed to seeing me in a blue Ford Mustang convertible this year.

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