Microsoft’s GM, Developer and Platform Evangelism Matt Thompson was on the DEMO stage talking about their vision for cloud computing and beyond. He refers to ‘mobile’ as the perfect platform for cloud and for them. (i.e, Microsoft.

Says Thompson, “we are embracing the cloud. Cloud is the BIG bet for the company. Everyone from our CEO down has embraced this. Cloud IS a PLATFORM, we’re all in on the cloud,” he goes on. Okay, got it Matt. CLOUD IS IMPORTANT!!!

Matt Marshall asks, “if you listen to what Google says, ‘private clouds don’t matter. Can you talk about that?” Thompson responds, “there are a couple of cloud conferences in the Valley, some say everything is going public. If you talk to anyone in the defense industry, public really isn’t a solution there. The other key one is healthcare. Microsoft has embraced this model where there will be private data centers just as there will be public clouds.”

He continues, “there’s this notion where you will be able to run our application across public and private, a hybrid solution. The world that we see is where both exist; clearly there will be private clouds (and you’re going to see thousands of them) and you’re going to see very large public clouds too, some of which will be run by corporations and some will be run by governments. We see the linking of these two pieces is what we can offer that is unique.” Video of his talk below:

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