Ford’s Product Manager for Traffic, Directions and Information Services (TDI) David Gersabeck, sat with me last week at Ford’s headquarters in a brand new burgundy 2011 Ford Edge. In the front row, we played — and played. I spent time learning about their integrated mapping features, sweet (and easy) navigation of music, their new flattened command structure for getting what you need in a hands-free environment and more.

The flattened voice recognition tree structure allows you to get the same result using different commands, including music. For example, you can say radio station 98.7 or My Music, or Play Artist U2 and so on. Their integrated directions and traffic system allows you to set directions from Mapquest on your home PC and then access those directions from your car navigation system when you’re ready to leave home. Below David Gersabeck tells me more as we explore the new 2011 Edge together.

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