Ngmoco Norwest Partners’ Tim Chang introduced ngmoco’s CEO and Founder Neil Young to the VatorSplash stage Thursday night in San Francisco. ngmoco is a creator and publisher of games exclusively for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. He talked to the audience about their successes, failures, the value of having the right team on board, including your advisory team and board members.

Of course, the part of his talk people will remember most is his amusing anecdotes and incredible Scottish accent, which had the crowd in stitches. He too, like Pandora’s Tim Westergren’s talk, emphasized the value of having the right team in place. He also reinforced the notion that this is what investors look for ultimately when choosing whether to invest or not.

As for what makes the right team?, ask yourself three questions: does the founder/entrepreneurs involved have a huge vision and can they execute against it, do they have a relentless nose for talent and are they learning animals? Below is a two part video clip of his talk (roughly 30 minutes in length including Q&A).

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