Peter Theil of the Founders Fund, also founder of Paypal, addresses the Vatorsplash audience in late September on what it takes to be successful.

He talks about entrepreneurship, what they learned in his early days at Paypal, mistakes they made and how that helped shape the decisions he makes today. Peter encourages entrepreneurs to think big: don’t just build a feature or a solution that will have an incremental and small impact on an industry, but build something that will change the world.

He says, “create a business that is so valuable that investors are willing to invest not just a ‘little’, but a significant amount of capital.” In other words, a technology that is so disruptive that it will have an impact on how we live. This isn’t unlike the advice that Vinod Khosler gave on the Techcrunch Disrupt stage earlier the same week. Below is a two-part video that I shot of his keynote, close to 30 minutes in length for both segments.

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