I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with rapper Chamillionaire this past week at AlwaysOn and again at TechCrunch’s Social Currency Event, where he was a panelist at both events.

Not only was his energy welcoming to an ‘always-on’ overly techy crowd, but refreshing because of his authenticity, humor and charm. Chamillionaire is also very smart and engaging, not to mention (and he’ll likely shoot me for this one)….adorable.

Below, Robert Scoble, Renee Blodgett and Chamillionaire. THANK YOU for showing up. Remember that 80% of it is just about ‘showing up.’ It was also a joy to meet @chamillionaire ‘s “entourage” – @digijeff #roffles and @beatbullies, who btw are Sidekick users for the record, a device I haven’t used or heard about in donkey’s years.

Rapper Chamillionaire Renee-Blodgett and Robert-Scoble (5)

Below is a 20 minute fun chat between Mike Arrington and Chamillionaire. And yes, he really has two publicists. Two when I thought publicists were deemed useless. Like lawyers, the role for a damn good publicist won’t go away anytime soon. Has anyone noticed that ENGAGING is almost a full time job?

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