Social Media: Community Matters


The phrase social media is overused and has evolved into encompassing nearly every online conversation. While the term may be overused and overhyped, its impact is explosive.

We are forced into a myriad of widgets, tools, blogs, podcasts and social networks. What you craft, where you start and whether you go broad and big or narrow and refined depends on your objectives.

Some companies have targeted customers who come to them for one core interest or need, i.e., tennis, air conditioning, whereas others target all of us, i.e., HP, Home Depot, Kraft.

The openness of the Internet has changed everything – who we talk to and where, who influences who and on what platform, where we view our news, and what influences our buying decisions.

We combine the power of communities, social networks, blogs, Twitter and more with smart communications strategies to create buzz, gain credibility and drive sales. Community matters more than ever. Be innovative, be present, be engaging and be real.

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