Story Development
[column width=”13%” padding=”0%”]  [/column] [column width=”57%” padding=”0%”] One product or division is doing extremely well, while another is flailing. This may mean a need for reorganization, re-focusing and narrowing down your offerings or it may be that one pitch is right and the other misses the mark.

What problem are you trying to solve? What are your customers and partners saying? What would you like your customers to say? Do you solve a problem that no one knows about or worse, understands? Or, do you already know what your Magic Sauce is, yet are having a hard time telling the story?

On top of it all, with the wide array of media at our fingertips, you now need to tell that story a hundred different ways…….visually through video, in a conversation on an airplane or golf course, on your website and blog, in 140 characters or less, through a summarized news feed, on a Facebook fan page, in a comment thread, at a trade show, on a speaking panel, through a contest or a developer forum. Enuf already….where to start?

Remember, perception is reality. We work with you to craft the right story for the right audience, using the right medium and we do it in a way that will resonate with your customers and influencers again and again.

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