Toronto cop Scott Mills has made huge strides in not just cutting down violence but helping youth in the greater Toronto area. He wears several hats, one of which is Graffiti BMX Cop on Twitter where he has nearly 2,800 followers including some of the graffiti artists he has helped.

Below, the Webdoc team sits with him before his 140Conf presentation at the 92nd Y in New York City to mix and mash all of his stories into one using their platform.

Scott takes a positive approach to graffiti in Toronto and works with kids. He is also a social media advisor to IT Committee and over @CSIWorld. Here are some webdocs that were created to tell his story, which includes a series of photos, text and video. Listen to the video below of an interview we did with him on-site at The 140 Conference New York.

Here’s the Webdoc on Scott’s story, which includes links, audio, video, photos and more.

Below is a Webdoc one of the graffiti artists Kedre Browne aka Bubzart created.

Disclosure: I provide some consulting to Webdoc.

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