Techcrunch TechCrunch turns 5 and has an anniversary party at Twilio & SocialGold on Folsom Street in San Francisco. While I didn’t really see any TechCrunchers there (they may have been mingling but I just didn’t run into any), over 400 people showed up to take part in the celebration that a handful of start-ups sponsored.

Taking part meant PPT karaoke, free beer on one side of the room, boxes of pizza on the other and three hours into the event, a dozen or so bottles of champagne popped open — all at the same time.

Two other things worth mentioning: Yet again, Foursquare was on the fritz and it took me several attempts to check in AND I ran into people who were either from or had lived in the following countries: Czechoslovakia, Russia, Korea, VietNam, China, Sweden, England, France, Germany, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Japan and Bulgaria.

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