At last night’s VatorSplash event in San Francisco, ten companies made it to the stage to present in front of Splash Box judges, which included Howard Hartenbaum, Jeff Clavier, Jeremy Liew, Ezra Roizen, Dave McClure and Charles Moldow.

Of the ten who presented to the judges and audience – Arkayne, Mindbloom, Udemy, MyToopi, YouHaveIWant,, Hey!Your Up There!, DormNoise, iChange and Envolve, Udemy won the vote hands down.

Udemy is a site that enables anyone to create an online course. Their goal is to provide their teachers with everything they could possibly need to create a great learning experience over the Internet.

Why the need? Currently, educators are constrained by the physicality of their course. Whether an SAT tutor or an IT education company, instructors can only teach those in proximity to their location. Online education breaks down those barriers, but publishing an online education course is time-consuming and expensive. Online education is dominated by large businesses that have spent millions on developing the infrastructure necessary to create, distribute and monetize their content. A video clip of their ‘win’ below.

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