Autom3 I met Cory Kidd in Kentucky recently at the annual Idea Festival, who flew south from New England to show off Autom, a robot designed to help people with their diets. It is up to the user to enter in the details of their diet, such has their fitness level and then Autom uses its databank to interact with the user, engage in conversation and give you feedback.

Along with keeping a record of what you have been eating throughout the day, Autom inspires you to look good and remain in shape. She comes complete with an artificial female voice for commands and has a touchscreen belly for all kinds of input. Describes one site: “it is harmless, and like a human it won’t rebuke you for eating one extra dessert but would surely keep account of the same.” The selling price being estimated is around $600 or $500.

Think of it as a weight-loss coach, but a robotic one, one who knows how much you’ve been exercising, and a whole lot about your diet. With a touch of your finger, she knows if you’re in a good mood or not as well. Below is a video I shot of Cory explaining how she works:

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